“FAQ” How to rent / hire a charter bus, shuttle or limousine in DC, MD, VA

Here are some common FAQ about renting a charter bus, shuttle bus van or limo 

Q: How to find best rated bus companies with excellent customer reviews in Washington DC , MD, Northern VA area.

  • A:  Google Search for “Best Rated, best reviewed Charter Bus & Limo Companies in DC , MD, or Northern VA”  Depending on your location city/ county. We are sure that you will find Reston Coach Transportation Company among the top best rated charter & limo companies in DC metro area. 

  • Q: How to charter a bus for one way or round trip from Washington DC to New York? How much it would cost ? 

  • A: . it would cost about $2500 – $3800 all-inclusive depending on the size and type of the bus   Reston Coach offers flat one-way trip and or round-trip packages

  • Q: How to hire a bus for day or a week in Washington DC, MD, Northern VA area ? 

  • A: Contact Reston Coach Transportation; offering affordable low hourly rate or all-inclusive daily flat rate charter bus, shuttle bus, van & limo.  Our daily or weekly package rates varies, depending on the type and capacity of the bus.  Normally starts from $1200 for 20-25 seater mini bus / 10-15 seater Sprinter van daily flat rate. Full size charter bus starts from $2800 daily package price. Multiply it by numbers of days needed.

  • Q: Where can I find & book a new 2018 -2019 charter bus , mini bus shuttle or Sprinter van in Washington DC, MD & VA ?

  • A: Not every company has new buses . Reston Coach has latest model 2017-2019 full size coach buses and smaller mini bus vans & limos at lowest price / hourly rate possible.

  • Q: What’s the hourly cost on large charter bus / coach bus , mini shuttle, Sprinter van or limos ?

  • A: You found a best place. The price list is right here . Reston Coach can work with you to find you a right vehicle for your event at the budget you have. Call us now and secure your booking.

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